Household Tips and Hacks- How to Clean May 2016 Edition

By | May 23, 2016

May is almost over, so this is a fairly late edition of Household Tips for May 2016. We all struggle with those basic stuff at home like cleaning or the day to day chores. Lets look at our Top 3 tips or hacks to make your life better.

1) Increase the Lifespan of Sponges

Hand sponges and mop sponges usually get worn out easily. To restore the sponges to its original pristine state, soak them overnight in a solution of about 1/4 cup salt per liter of water. leave it overnight and check in the morning, Bingo. They will be as good as the new ones you bought at the store.

2) Shiny Shower Doors

Shower doors always catch up that dirt really quick. Within weeks, they start to look shabby. If you have tried the glass cleaners, you know they don’t work as advertised. Instead, Try rubbing baby oil or shaving cream on your shower doors. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off. This will make your shower doors shiny and fog-free. Shaving cream can also be used to remove built-up soap scum on shower doors, wall and fixtures.

3) Recycle Expired Flour

Flour can be used to clean oily dishes by mixing it with little water and rubbing it on the dishes. By using flour, it can actually protect your skin as its not full of chemicals :-)

I hope you liked our May Household Hack edition. Stay tuned and we will add more in early June 2016.

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